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Women Empowerment

With a view to empower women belonging to the lower strata of society and to make them earning members for their families, the Foundation has started a program called “ K Chittilappilly-Vijayee Bhava Women Entrepreneurship Program” from the year 2017 onwards.


Empowering women belonging to the lower strata of society to become earning members for their families, by extending financial support to establish small /tiny businesses of their choice, equipping them with necessary skills for running their businesses and mentoring them to become successful.

Eligibility Criteria for selection of candidates

  • Women belonging to BPL/poor families irrespective of caste, creed or religion
  • Preference will be given to Widows and those with sick/ differently abled/special children
  • Those already employed in an organization or having self employment or having salaried spouse or children earning more than Rs 10,000 per month will not be eligible
  • Those having family income from agriculture or other sources exceeding Rs 1.2 lakh a year will not be eligible
  • Only one member from a family will be eligible for consideration under this scheme
  • The business selected will be small enough to be managed by the applicant independently or with the help of spouse or family members
  • The suggested areas will be Tailoring, small shops, Washing & Ironing centre, Making of pickles/food items/packed food, curry powder etc, running mini hotels, Tea stalls, catering, Lottery sales/ kiosks, goat rearing, vegetable cultivation, chicken/duck farms, fish farms etc. The suggested areas are only indicative and the choice is left to the individuals concerned, subject to the selected area is in with KCF vision and not illegal or prohibited.

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