Organ Donation

KCF is in the forefront of encouraging organ donations, especially cadaver donation, and eradicating misconceptions connected with organ donation. In order to realize this, KCF has been conducting awareness programs among various sections of society. Also, events are organised to honour and appreciate the after-death (Cadaver) organ donors and their families. These programs are organised in association with various NGOs, the youth, college students and the general public in order to spread the message among maximum people.


Life-saving transplants have been in the headlines recently in Kerala. Thanks to the efforts taken by various individuals, NGOs, movements and forums to spread the noble message, which has helped to transform the act from a taboo to an act of honour. We believe that KCF and its founder chairman Shri. Kochouspeh Chittilappilly has contributed much to the same. To encourage organ donation and to promote awareness among people, the Foundation trains volunteers in various districts of the State and conducts awareness programmes. Events are organised to honour and appreciate the after death organ donors as well as their family members who facilitated it, sending out a strong social message for others to imbibe.

Awareness Programs on Cadaver Organ Donation

K Chittilappilly Foundation has been in the forefront for creating awareness for cadaver organ donation to save human lives. These programs are organised in association with various NGOs, focussing on the youth, college students and the general public. These efforts are yielding results, as could be seen from the increasing number of organ transplantation taking place in Kerala and the increase in the number of voluntary donors.

Honouring the Family Members of Cadaver Organ Donors

KCF has so far conducted 10 functions to honour organ donors. 22 Live Donors and 129 Cadaver Donors and their families from different parts of the State have been honoured for their exemplary deed. On this occasion, a memento is presented to each family, in recognition of their great humanitarian act. Financial support ranging from Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakhs is also extended to families of donors belonging to the BPL category.

Carry a Donor Card !
Save Lives

The Donor Card enables people to express their wish to become an organ donor. It is like making a will. By signing the 'Donor Card' you have agreed to organ donation. Keep the Donor Card with you always in your purse or wallet. Inform your close relatives about your wish to be an organ donor. The Donor Card also substitutes as an emergency card as it has the contact number in case of any emergency.

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