About K Chittilappilly Foundation

Planting a smile Wherever we Go

K Chittilappilly foundation (KCF) is an initiative by Shri. Kochouseph Chittilappilly with the prime objective of undertaking public charitable activities in India in a corporate level without any discrimination as to religion, caste, creed or gender. Being incorporated as a non-profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act, K Chittilappilly Foundation operates from its registered office at Kakkanadu, Kochi.

The Foundation extends its helping hand to the society in various ways. It contributes to provide medical assistance to poor and needy patients directly and through voluntary organizations.

About Kochouseph Chittilappilly

Chairman, K Chittilappilly Foundation

"Determination and hard work has helped me to succeed in all my endeavours and KCF is a platform for me to give back to society from where I've received…"

Born in Parappur, a small hamlet in Trichur, Kerala, Kochouseph began his career as a trainee supervisor in an electric and electronic manufacturing company after completing his Post Graduation in Physics. After a short stint in the company, he forayed into entrepreneurship by starting a small scale stabilizer under the brand name V-Guard in Kochi, Kerala. Through years of hard work and uncompromising commitment to quality of his products, V-Guard grew and became a trusted electric and electronic brand across India. His innovative mind went on to realize a chain of magnificent amusement Parks by the name Wonderla in Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Veegaland Developers is another venture that was born out of Mr. Kochouseph’s passion for construction in the apartment division.

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What defines Kochouseph Chittilappilly is his unflagging commitment to society. From the inception of his business journey, Mr. Kochouseph ensured to set aside a generous share of his earnings for the uplift of the needy in society. He has been pursuing philanthropy as a mission from the early days of his entrepreneurship. He is one of the few businessmen in india, who has set apart a share of one-third of his personal welth for the welbeing of society. His compassion culminated in his donation of one of his kidneys to a stranger at the age of 60, in 2011, setting an example par excellence.

“Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do to society. For what I am today and whatever I have earned as a businessman, I owe a lot the society. And, therefore, I feel it’s my humble obligation to give back to society a rightful share of it.”


Our Vision

Holding hands of the underprivileged communities to alleviate their pain and to empower them to transform their own lives.


Our Mission

To extend a helping hand by providing financial support to the weaker sections of society in times of critical illness, accidents or other health related eventualities; To create change that empowers marginalized section by facilitating tools, skills and funds for better education, better housing, self employment, women empowerment and entrepreneurship development, thereby transforming their lives and improving their social standards.

KCF Team

Mrs. Sheela Kochouseph Director, K Chittilappilly Foundation

K Chittilappilly Foundation has been reaching out to many people with lots of social activities and I am sure we can do a lot of good for the deserving people in society. Moreover, it imparts a good message to each one of us, that we have no choice but GIVE BACK TO THE WORLD. V-Star also has started taking up ...

CSR activities in an organized form. I am happy that, since we started doing this charitable initiative, the V-Star family members are also actively involving in the activities. It was really an eye opener when we visited the schools in Agali, near Attappadi, how a section of the society are deprived of all the facilities and how these poor people are being exploited by the intruders. I wish KCF team all the best in all its endeavors, along with the best leader, who is the motivation and model.

Dr. George Sleeba Executive Director, K Chittilappilly Foundation

The K Chittilappilly foundation has been undertaking various public charitable activities in Kerala and other parts of the country for more than three years now. We feel blessed to be at the forefront for creating awareness on after death organ donation. We’ve been trying to reach out to the less fortunate ...

in society to get better education and treatment. With a view to extend KCF activities we have been supporting credible NGOs for undertaking welfare activities. Latest edition to KCF activities is instituting prizes /Awards to individuals/Institutions demonstrating high human values and exemplary service to mankind. These awards include mementos and cash prizes ranging from Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakhs to be presented to the contenders in public functions, with the involvement of local Bodies. The most prestigious Award in this category is the “KCF Awards for Excellence in Social Service for Individuals and Institutions” The award includes a citation and Cash Prize of Rs 1 lakh for individual and Rs 2 lakh for Institution.

Mr. B Jayaraj Head, New Projects – Housing.

The K Chittilappilly Foundation is the actualization of a noble thought of being a helping hand to those suffering due to illness and other misfortunes in society. Shri. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, who has shown the world through his very own life that ‘giving’ is the greatest act of charity,...

has been sharing a good measure of his fortunes for the good of society for the last many years, reaching out to the less fortunate - patients in need of medical aid, students in difficult financial scenario, those without a roof over their head, etc. To give his varied charitable and social initiatives an organized structure, he founded the K Chittilappilly Foundation. Thanks to all those who have been cooperating with the Foundation to reach out to deserving people who need assistance. Thanks to all those who have cooperated with this task.

KCF Activities